Target Setting

Product Definition (According to Customer needs, Regulations)

Benchmarking from market competitors and best in class cars

Vehicle Attributes target setting (Safety, Vehicle Dynamics,  Weights , …)

Preparing Design Validation Plan


Styling starts with creation of 2D sketches of Interior and Exterior.

Style sign off by using virtual reality and clay model in different scales.

Making master model with high surface quality (Class – A)

Ergonomics Analysis              


Concept Design

Feasibility study according to design Standards

Solution proposal to achieve product attributes

Concept design proposal on BIW , Closures, Trim  and Hardware, Electrical , Chassis and power train Accessories.

Virtual Simulations to ensure target achievement in different attributes such as safety, vehicle Dynamics, CFD, NVH ,…

Concept finalizing to start detail design




Detail Design

Detail Design of BIW,  Closures , Trim and Hardware , Electrical , chassis system and power train accessories after concept approval.

Prototyping and Evaluation Tests

Body Parts Prototyping

Plastic Parts prototyping

Making assembly and control fixtures

Pilot Production line for final Assembly of body and whole car

Evaluation Testing on Prototype to ensure design compatibility




To ensure the compatibility of final product with the defined Product

Manufacturing of final product on final production line

Validation Tests such as Crash, Durability, Emissions, Handling, Performance, Engine Cooling, Air...Conditioning,

Homologation and type approval process