Through direct investment made by Saipa as an Iranian Company, Automotive Industries Research & Innovation Center (AIRIC) of Saipa  was established in 1993 and subsequently by building of administrative offices, workshops, laboratories as well as purchasing and installing required hardware and software equipment was officially operated in 1997.

This center has been constructed in two separate site including administrative offices, modeling workshops, machine tools, mechanical assembly and pollutant testing laboratories, road testing, CMM, Non-destructive collision, sound and modal laboratories and atmospheric conditions test laboratories. Given rendering a full set of designing services and production creation, definition and running research projects and conducting various test of TA and COP made on vehicles and its parts as well as rendering a variety of educational and engineering services, this center had a reasonable successful performance in the field of vehicle manufacturing industry. At the present time, given the available potentials and investments made in the field of laboratories, this center is known as the most equipped center in the country.

Automotive Industries Research & Innovation Center of Saipa at the beginning of products development chain as driving motor of Saipa Group has persuaded this center to enhance its own potentials and capabilities through creation of necessary infrastructures for accomplishment of product development plans and stabilize its position as the pioneer of product development projects specially in the field of Sedan vehicles.

Then in order to be responsible against future needs in the field of designing and creation of new products, a range of actions were made and planned including application of science and up-to-date processes, advanced technologies as well as recruitment and training of specialized human resources. In comparison with performance in 2004, such investment has drastically increased executive capability of the center and at the present time, achieved results has been materialized in the form of conducting different projects such as Tiba, SR, Xantia, different projects in related to Pride platforms as well as definition and running numerous research projects.


At this time, center development comprehensive plan is running in order to completion of designing process and creation of product at world class. This plan has been launched since 2008 through investment for the amount of Rls. 160 billions including development of administrative offices, workshops, laboratories as well as purchasing and installing advanced equipment and is completing.

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