Policy and Values


 Due observance of customer-oriented principles, higher customer satisfaction, monitoring and continuous improvement of customers-related processes.

 Application of EFQM Models and global standards required for developing different fields.

Recruitment and development of competent and skilled human resources and committed to center’s goals through employment of competent human resources, continuous training, motivation and enhancing their vocation and knowledge level.

Steady improvement of organizational processes.

Development of staff’s partnership systems in order to increasing their satisfaction and organizational commitment.

Improving financial indexes in order to secure the interests of shareholders in consideration of improving efficiency in organization and increasing income resulting from volume of the projects in the fields of designing, creation and test of vehicle.

In addition to performing their specialized activities, all of the personnel of the center are considered as the member of quality management system of the center. Through necessary trainings rendered in this center, each of these personnel are obliged to understand the above-mentioned points and fully cooperate for conducting and observing the requirements related to their activities.


Center’s Organizational Values

Organizational values of Automotive Industries Research & Innovation Center of Saipa defined as follows:

Agility  of organization


Responsibility & Result Orientation

Intention to Munificence


Policy and Values